Kudos to David “Iowahawk” Burge for pointing all this out in a sequence of Twitter tweets:

To summarize and rephrase him as greatest I can:

Anatomy of the Left’s Faux News scandal:

1. John Podesta, like 100% of everybody who has ever had a e-mail account, acquired a password phishing e-mail. He fell for it.

two. In accordance to some accounts, the phishing e-mail had Russian fingerprints/ qualities in its metadata. This has but to be confirmed, nor does utilizing a world wide online server somewhere else confirm that its orgin was that place.

3. What ever the circumstance, the password purloiners downloaded his email messages, which eventually acquired into the arms of Wikileaks, who manufactured them general public. These email messages unveiled a rather unsavory individual with an appealing style in artwork and appealing wealthy pals who had frequent sex with minors on their very own tiny island, component of the US Virgin Islands, but additional importantly,

4. The email messages were being revealing frequent out and out collusion and strategic setting up among the Democrat Bash and “goal” journalists. Typically embarrassing to media.

five. At the time of their launch (Oct, in advance of the federal Presidential election) they were being hardly included by any media, and largely dismissed as a significant body fat nothing.

6. Not one particular of the folks whose email messages were being unveiled has ever disputed their authenticity.

7. Rapid forward to December, and a misplaced Democrat federal Presidential election. The Oct nothing has now magically reworked into “vote hacking” and “election hacking.”

eight. New Leftist narrative: treasonous Trump operatives conspired with Putin to hypnotically mesmerize Clinton voters into pulling the erroneous lever.

nine. This is not from Alex Jones or angry conspiracy kook Fb uncles, it is really from the NYT, the WaPo, and our beloved State Radio, NPR.

10. How powerful has this been? If polls are to be considered, 50%+ of Democrats believe that the Russians basically modified vote tallies. (Then once again 50%+ of Democrats actually considered Obama’s “Hope and Improve” rhetoric, and considered that a man who spent his entire daily life stoking and amplifying racial and course divisions could by some means mend them.)

11. And you know what? None of this is a genuinely a defense of Trump, allow by yourself Putin. It IS an indictment of our rubbish narrative-driven media.

twelve. It should not have to choose a drunk online nobody to stage any of this out, but hey, in this article we are.

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