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Month: October 2017

Leasing-7 Tips To Find An Apartment in Southern California

Anyone who ever said apartment hunting is easy, especially in any of the major metro areas in southern California such as Los Angeles or San Diego, is incredibly naïve or never had to do it themselves. With a sprawling geographic area like southern California, and the many cites and communities within that area, an apartment search can be especially daunting. Even with the advent of rental databases, the search can be difficult as many databases may have listings that are outdated or provide inaccurate data. However, you can be much more successful and make your apartment search a lot easier by being an apartment finder with: 1. A realistic budget and real world expectations and dedication to managing a serious apartment search. Make sure you do a cost of living search on the internet of the area you desire to move in to, especially if you relocate from out of state. You will get a much more realistic idea of ​​what your overall rent will be and if your projected budget can handle it. Remember you will be dealing with several people, either private landlords or property managers. Try to make a good first impression – politeness and courtesy do matter. 2. A good job. Your prospect landlord wants to know, obviously, if you can afford to make the monthly rental payments. 3. Once you start your apartment hunt,...

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Unexpected Perks of a Freelance Writing Career

There are many perks for freelance writers-the opportunity to do what you love, establish friendships with people who are creative and talented, work from home, make a decent living, and create work that is meaningful. As a freelance writer, you will have the opportunity to touch the world regarding issues of concern. Through my work I have been able to describe the atrocities humanity commits on sentient animals; animal experimentation, an annual death toll of 4 to 10 million pets due to overpopulation, abuse, neglect and the horrors of factory farming. As the daughter of a small town Veterinarian, preventing animal abuse has been a core issue through my life. Before I began work as a freelance writer I had many dreams about how I could have an impact on the world, but my circle of influence was very small. It is such an honor and a thrill to see your byline on article in a newspaper or magazine especially if it is a topic you are passionate about. Another perk is the ability to work with people though out the world. Whether you are ghost writing a book, documenting software configurations or working on a one page business bio, you will be getting to know your clients. I have had the pleasure of working with people through the United States, Europe and China. As a free lance writer,...

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Beachcombing For Apollonia Glass

Today was the end of Spring mini-break. The weather was nice, the house was as much in order as anyone could hope for, so … that there was time for one of our family's favorite off-season activities. Beachcombing. I am a beachcomber from way back and my kids have been beachcombers since the first time we took them all to Florida and they realized that there were shells and sharks' teeth on the beach. At one point I had so many jars of sharks' teeth that I was thinking of opening a tacky jewelry shop. But those years are behind us know and as a result of a social fluke, we have a new passion. Searching the Herzliya beach for Apollonia glass. Apollonia was a Crusader fortress and city located just north of what is now Herzliya. The area was first populated in or around the fifth century BCE by the Phonecians. And there was a big battle there which the Crusaders won. Since then, the Romans have been there, the Muslims have been there and I am sure others that I do not know about secured the area at one point or another. However, the ONLY important fact to me is that at one point during it's long history there was a glass factory there – about 2500 years ago. Needless to say it is gone, but one...

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